Frantic from the off

This time twelve months ago Grime seemed to have terminally flat lined.

Yes there was the odd blip from the likes of Jammer to suggest some life, but overall it seemed as though Dubstep had moved into the manor and shanked the bass bins of this quintessentially British strain of hip-hop. What nobody had foreseen though was the acidic prescription from Dizzee to get the blood flowing again. Nor the introspective triage of Wiley to encourage the appetite back. And now there’s a polemical enema in the shape of Lethal Bizzle’s second LP ‘Back To Bizznizz’ to brazenly ensure the patient is fighting fit and able. Frantic from the off, Lethal Bizzle isn’t one for subtlety – and whilst that means ‘Back To Bizzness’ may not have the emotional depth displayed by some of his peers, it does guarantee a fucking great listen. From the armada of car alarms imploding as one for the truly epic ‘Mr.’, or the Babyshambles collaboration ‘Boy’ lurching past like a string of aural exclamation marks, ‘Back To Bizznizz’ is brusque with a capital B and all the better for it. The beez kneez…

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