As modern a record as you can get
Lazer Sword - Memory

Progressing from wonky and sick-hop beats to more heavily realised electro, Lazer Sword have come a long way from their debut on Numbers. Antaeus Roy (AKA Lando Kal) and Bryant Rutledge (AKA Low Limit) now inhabit different continents and have sacked off their jobs at trendy dance blog XLR8R. But you’d never know, such is the lysergic meat that hangs from the jacking bones found on ‘Memory’ - hurling in B-Boy attitude, sizzling electro, the sprit of dancehall, Chicago’s footwork scene and more Detroit hues - it’s about as modern an electronic record as you can get. It’d pretty much safe to say that ‘Memory’ won’t be fading for a while.



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