Their kaleidoscopic, acid-baked take on electronic music remains potent...
Klaxons - Love Frequency

It’s been four years since Klaxons released their last LP, ‘Surfing The Void’ (review) – untold eons in the music world; tectonic plates have shifted, landmasses have since reformed. Dance music continues its relentless assault on the charts, secure in its status as ‘the new pop’.

Klaxons’ kaleidoscopic, acid-baked take on electronic music hasn’t changed, though – and in a year when a buffoon like Skrillex rules a jester’s throne room replete with shameless, stale, pilfered beats, we should rejoice.

‘Love Frequency’ sounds like a blended milkshake of ‘Experience’-era Prodigy and The Rapture, spiked with your upper of choice.

“We’re the masters of distraction / In a time of hyper-action,” singer Jamie Reynolds yowls on opener ‘New Reality’. He’s not wrong.


Words: Benji Taylor

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