To’s latest ball-busting Hong Kong flick

Set in 1998 in the small Portuguese colony of Macau, just off the East of China, the colony is besieged with crooks trying to con, rob and extort all they can before the iron fist of China’s rule begins.

However, hitmen are slightly more worried about circumstances, fearing they’ll be quashed all together. And then two Hong Kong associates arrive, looking to eliminate a deserter, starting afresh with his family….

Some hailed To’s latest ball-busting Hong Kong flick as the sequel to the highly successful The Mission. In watching though, there’s no direct links to the previous film in narrative, characters and story, rather a collage of his lengthy career; comfortable, but disappointing if you’re expecting something new from the action capital of the east, especially under modern Chinese rule. It does boast tight, claustrophobic, shaky gun battles with gunpowder discharge spraying into people’s faces. Unfortunately, the acting could’ve been slightly better, but it’s entertaining nonetheless.

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