Joakim - Nothing Gold

Hits a standard
Joakim - Nothing Gold
Joakim’s always danced to his own beat. Whether sidling neatly alongside the electro glitterati as a live DJ or skewing off on an untried tangent on his LPs, Joakim Bouaziz seems content to not commit any bangers to CD, not yet anyway.

‘Nothing Gold’ largely picks up where the experimental ‘Milky Ways’ left off - a slow, scattered collection of chilled, downbeat tracks to tackle the ‘turbulent transition between youth and adulthood’ - we've all been there! And in a forlorn, Saturday-night-in-your-bedroom way, it’s a modest success.

‘Labyrinth’ is the album triumph - an Air-meets-classic Moby odyssey of French funk and energising synth blasts - and ensures that, modestly, ‘Nothing Gold’ hits a standard.



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