The set itself is still revelatory

1967’s Monterey Festival was a pivotal moment in music history, representing the launching pad for both Jimi Hendrix’s all too brief career, as well as the igniting point for wider rock festival culture. The set itself is still revelatory; Hendrix and his band play with the energy and ferocity of the yet to be invented punk genre, with the sound being as crystal clear as a live performance from the era can be.

The focus of the Definitive Edition is the bonus material. The new American Landing documentary examines Hendrix’s career before and after Monterey, it doesn’t yield much in the way of new information but is interesting enough. A Second Look is a fun, if gimmicky chance to catch the Monterey performance across multiple angles. Two bonus videos of Hendrix playing live in Chelmsford are included. Apparently the earliest sound and film recordings of the band in existence, the sound is murky but a run through ‘Stone Free’ remains electrifying.

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