Flawed but worth your time...
Jamie Woon - Mirrorwriting

Woon may be a graduate of the Brit School, but don’t hold that against him. He has been desperately trying to distance himself from a badly advise wander into boy band pop and ‘Mirrorwriting’ has a sonic richness and inventiveness that looks like he may well achive that.

Comparisons to The xx are apt, with several tracks echoing that band’s haunted nocturnal chic and post-dubstep vibe. Alas, the lad is occasionally prone to wandering off to Cheddar Gorge. “You get inside me /Even when you ain’t beside me”, he simpers on ‘Shoulda’.

Despite his obvious talents as a pop-soul vocalist, you’re left with the impression that Woon is far more interesting when he’s wearing his producer hat, but we’ll keep a sturdy eye on his every move regardless.




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