A second LP of fearless ambition...
Islet - Released By The Movement

Woozily untamed from the off, Islet’s second album retains the fearless ambition of 2012’s debut, ‘Illuminated People’.

Recorded on the hoof around Cardiff with Sweet Baboo, the nine tracks found herein seem to expand like gasses, mutating unexpectedly and brilliantly.

The band’s instruments are passed around as best befits each song, resulting in a beguiling swirl of sound. ‘Elastic’, with its Ian-Curtis-fronting-Tindersticks shtick, flings a deliciously gothic shroud over things, while ‘Triangulation Station’ fizzes and rumbles like the band’s mesmeric stage shows.

The wilful distortion or burying of vocals only adds to the slightly disorienting air on this restlessly excellent record.


Words: Gareth James

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