A shining triumph
Islet - Illuminated People

Islet don’t play by the rules. At all. ‘Libra Man’, the opening track on this genre-leaping debut album, is a seething nine-minute mix of snagged rhythms, disjointed vocal chants and guitar psychedelia. It shouldn’t work, but it does; the genius of Islet is their ability to splice a myriad of ideas into a thrilling headfuck of an aural joyride. The rampant ‘This Fortune’ and snarling ‘Filia’ capture the energy of their live show, while the eerie lullaby of ‘We Bow’ showcases the Cardiff collective’s nascent beauty. Staunchly DIY, Islet’s modus operandi has created a wilfully unique sound - ‘Illuminated People’ is a shining triumph.



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