Hype is not healthy
Hurts - Happiness

The amount of hype Hurts have received is never healthy. The type of hype that could only be satiated if the duo released a lyrical masterpiece that united all religions, halted wars and cured man flu.

Unfortunately, the album barely reaches the most reasonable of expectations. The strength of their flawless magnum opus, 'Better Than Love', overshadows every other song on the LP. The emotionally charged 'Stay' and 'Illuminated' are the grandeur pop ballads one would of hoped for, but the manner in which each stands out so glaringly only highlights the threadbare nature of the other tracks.

The demo version of 'Silver Lining' has been polished for the worse, removing the soprano on the final chorus which gave the song such unique character. And the narrative, story-telling nature of the limelight butchered 'Wonderful Life' is wholly uncomfortable.

If Hurts hadn't been thrust to the forefront of new music attention like a trophy wife in a footballers lounge, and this album was one of my first experiences with the band... Then I'd be moderately intrigued.


Words by Joe Zadeh

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