Hjaltalin - Terminal

A triumphant woodwind-based rock opera
Hjaltalin - Terminal
After 2008’s swoonsome debut album, ‘Sleepdrunk Seasons’, Reykjavík’s classically-trained Hjaltalín have unleashed their inner beast on this follow-up. ‘Terminal’ is a triumphant woodwind-based rock opera; it seethes with joyous disregard for protocol or constraint.

The stand out ‘Suitcase Man’ pummels like a clarinet-fuelled runaway train, while ‘Montabone’ cranks up the mock drama - akin to Arcade Fire soundtracking an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. The sparkly disco of ‘7 Years’ inhabits a world in which a mythical Hjaltalín nightclub features a full orchestra in one corner. Uninhibited and magical, ‘Terminal’ is further evidence of Iceland forging its own musical destiny.


Words by John Freeman

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