Helado Negro - Canta Lechuza

The second album by Helado Negro (it translates as ‘black ice cream’), ‘Canta Lechuza’ (which translates as ‘sing owl’) is eleven tracks of minimal beats and loops overlayed by the Spanish vocals of Roberto Carlos Lange. Having previously cut his teeth in ROM, Epstein and Savath Y Savalas, Lange’s current project sounds like Coldplay channelling Kid A, with mixed results. ‘2o Dia’ is pleasant and quietly stirring, but ‘Lechuguilla’ adds a touch of Vampire Weekend tribalism to the equation and soon grates. The darker, lilting tones of ‘Oreja De Arena’ work better, but this album still sounds confused. As a result, its overall impact is diminished.


Words by Mischa Pearlman

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