Ex-Yuck fellow flies solo once more...
Hebronix - Unreal

Not many people can claim to have five debut albums to their name by their early 20s, but then again not many people have the capabilities of Daniel Blumberg.

The former Yuck frontman has once again flown solo, this time under the alias of Hebronix. Taking some of the dreamy grunge elements from his previous band, ‘Unreal’ can seem remarkably placid.

Mixing baroque instrumentation with choral elements, Blumberg adopts an already accomplished and familiar formula – but it’s one that, through his subtle twists, still manages to feel intimate and fresh.

‘Wild Whim’ and ‘The Plan’ represent a sort of dreamy, lovesick nonsense not always associated with Blumberg, but he still always manages to throw his gratifying teenage angst in somehow.


Words: Matthew French

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