Possibly one of the best techno albums of 2009
Harvey McKay - Machine Make Noise

Minimal techno is a very serious genre, in which the Hans Gruber look is universal. It is tense, calculated, emotional and intellectual.

A ripening scene of Glaswegian techno is very much a reality, headed by none other than dance veterans Slam and their Soma label, which has gently pushed Harvey McKay into the fray of judgment. McKay’s debut album is possibly one of the best techno albums of 2009, drawing superlatives from the usually muted mouths of Stephan Bodzin and Laurent Garnier, he wields wobbling bass with the darkness of King Cannibal combined with patient Huntemann-like builds.

Previously leaked album track ‘69’ caused a crazed scramble for his signature, and ‘Machine Make Noise’ has done nothing but justify.


Words by Joe Zadeh


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