Romany music hits North America

Gypsy Caravan: When the Road Bends proves that Romany music is an indelible part of their people’s culture.

This documentary follows musicians from Romania, Macedonia, Spain and India as they embark upon a collective tour of North America. The music varies radically in style from rambunctious to reflective, but it’s almost always infused with energy and lyrics speaking of past challenges.

The concept of the documentary is perhaps a little flimsy, but cutting between live footage, behind the scenes shots and a look at the performers’ home life provides solid infotainment. More pertinently the film provides a closer examination of Romany life as a whole away from the usual vilification. As talking head Johnny Depp pontificates, “It would be great if by experiencing the Romany people and their music, people can learn more about them and understand that what you've believed about these people has been a lie your entire life."

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