They sure know how to mix their influences

The multicultural Guillemots sure know how to mix their influences – their worldly views combine to make something so eccentrically eclectic that it’s almost impossible to pin down their style.

Singer Fyfe Dangerfield carries the range, warmth and emotive tones of Jeff Buckley, while all around him shimmers haunting melodies in a backdrop that seamlessly skips from luscious orchestras to sparse piano ballads to intense hymns of exaltation. Lively singles ‘Trains To Brazil’ and ‘We’re Here’ might have given the impression of a light breezy pop band, but ‘Through The Windowpane’ is a stunning array of sonic flourishes which, in anyone else’s hands, could be deemed inconsistent, but in this case confirms Guillemots’ position as one of the most exciting and individual bands of the moment. Discover for yourself their radiant beauty and wallow in this amazingly sophisticated debut all summer long.


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