A sweet assortment of guilty electronic pleasures
Grum – Heartbeats

The blogosphere has become the litmus test for overall musical success. If one can survive the crowds of often over-opinionated, unpoliced online 21st century tastemakers then general consequence is; the public will agree. Grum has spent two years riding the blogs, throwing out consistently impressive remixes and demos like a Fordist production line.

Now with the sheen of album cut production 'Heartbeats' and 'Runaway' are probing house/italo numbers, and 'Fashion' takes undoubted cues from Grum's admitted penchant for The Human League. As infectious as they are sickly, each and every track is constructed under a nostalgic 80s synth-pop blueprint, leaving 'Heartbeats' as a sweet assortment of guilty electronic pleasures.


Words by Joe Zadeh

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