Charmingly simple

The Golden Door is the tale of Salvatore, a Sicilian with his heart set on immigrating with his family to America in the early 1900’s. Charmingly simple, the film follows Salvatore on his travels to the shores of America enduring both hellish conditions and treatment on boat and land.

Whereas a film like this could sink into murky and depressing waters director Emanuele Crialese keeps it afloat with a beautiful set of fantasy sequences. Rivers of milk awash with giant vegetables flood the family as they escape the nightmare journey to the promise within their heads.

With immigration such a relevant topic it would have been easy to bang the point home and turn the film into more of a political statement. But the fact is that the treatment of immigrants has always been relevant; it doesn’t need to be made obvious. It is this subtlety that gives The Golden Door its wide-eyed innocence, no matter how dirty the water it treads.

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