A win for the bedroom door-locking crew
Gang Colours - The Keychain Collection

Going cold turkey now has a soundtrack: piano-centred post-dubstep, for those who are reduced to sighing as means of showing emotion. Bass and keys wheezing as if pleading for euthanasia, and invariably not wanting to go happily, at half-an-hour long you’re gonna have to put Gang Colours (definitely Crip-hued) on heavy rotation to become Will Ozanne’s pity-wallowing partner. The lo-fi pining means that shouldn’t be much of a problem, only fitfully showing exuberance on the energised ‘Botley In Bloom’. The recording in off-white means the garage futurist-by-day may fade into the grey washout of his competition, though it’s a win for the bedroom door-locking crew.



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