Richly textured and finely detailed, this goes moreishly deep...
Gang Colours - Invisible In Your City

This second album from Hampshire’s Will Ozanne, AKA Gang Colours, builds on the organic qualities of his debut, 2012’s ‘The Keychain Collection’ (Clash review), to construct a consistently engaging set of warmly rippling avant-tronica.

Where record number one skittered from ghostly dubstep to ethereal introspection, its successor searches for a fuller sound and generally succeeds.

It’s still unmistakably a solo project, but as Ozanne moves from the giant footsteps of bass on ‘Freshwater Fantasy’ to the delicate piano motifs of ‘Communal Quo’, there’s something of a contemporary twist on The Blue Nile’s sophisticated synth-pop happening.

Richly textured and finely detailed, ‘Invisible In Your City’ goes moreishly deep.


Words: Mike Diver

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