Funeral Party - The Golden Age Of Nowhere

Try-hard penthouse party
Funeral Party - The Golden Age Of Nowhere
Billed as LA’s answer to the NY-centric post-punk dance-craze revival, Funeral Party have resorted to more conventional means on ‘The Golden Age of Nowhere’. Where LCD Soundsystem and The Rapture crossed dirty dancefloors with filthier synth and itchy cowbell rhythms, there’s plenty of big, bright anthems that lend the album a daytime playlist appeal. The red herring antagonism of ‘New York City Moves To The Sound Of LA’ and scattergun rhythm of ‘Giant Song’ hint at the party dynamics on which Funeral Party apparently made their name but ‘The Golden Age…’ ultimately comes across as try-hard penthouse party than wild warehouse rave.


Words by Reef Younis

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