A crooked Yankees cap on a Terminator’s head
Fulgeance - To All Of You

Chillwave’s glow gets scalded, Jay Dilla’s sloppy pump is sent to the canvas, and broken beat becomes smithereens beat. When the smoke clears, appearing from the fog, dripping blade cutting basslines with the spirit of Dead Prez’ ‘Hip-Hop’ and Roots Manuva’s ‘Witness’, is a funkily severe and vice versa Frenchman. Fulgeance inherits Mux Mool/Lorn-style point and shoot hip-hop, but strikes with heavy electro enforcements as Pierre Troel vetoes the enigmatic and goes at you eyeball to eyeball. Though six additional remixers partly restore the computerised subtext he’s erased, the slap of the beats put a crooked Yankees cap on a Terminator’s head. Mr. Troel, ta very much.



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