Two nifty tunes for the price of one

Frightened Rabbit are the newest pool of music to burst from the swollen arteries of talent, pumping through Glasgow.

Their new double A side release echoes early REM, saturated in the trademark vigour of a breakthrough band. The unconventional four piece batter through 'I Feel Better', somehow retaining an element of aural pleasance against the sprightly back drop of urgency.

'The Twist' offers different perspectives as Frightened Rabbit deliver a romantic piece in their own dry and charming manner. "Did you blush then, when our hips touched? I cant tell... your already red", mutters Scott Hutchison in a tone reminiscent of an early 90's Micheal Stipe. Releasing two excellent songs in one go sometimes leaves one pondering their reluctance to release them separately. On the contrary, two nifty tunes for the price of one wont leave many critics shaking their ugly finger.


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