...in front of a hometown crowd

Surprisingly for a band that has been going since 1983 and are renowned for their amazing live shows The Flaming Lips have never before stepped into the live DVD arena.

Well now confetti reigns supreme as they bring their live circus to Oklahoma City Zoo in front of a hometown crowd. Even if you’ve seen The Lips live before you certainly wouldn’t have seen one of their “U.F.O. shows”, in which the band enter via a homemade U.F.O. (it was made in Wayne’s backyard) that then turns itself into a huge light show. It really is as crazy and amazing as it sounds. The set list borrows mostly from their last three albums (‘Race For The Prize’ remains the best set opener ever), although quite why the venue didn’t trigger fan favourites ‘Christmas At The Zoo’ and ‘This Here Giraffe’ is beyond belief. This discrepancy aside, The Flaming Lips have delivered again. Just another reason to see them next time they come to town.

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