Fat Freddy's Drop - Dr Boondigga & The Big BW

"...one of the finest reggae and dub outfits on the planet"
Fat Freddy’s Drop’s second album went straight to the top of the album charts when it was released in their native New Zealand and deservedly so, as they are the best thing to have come out of that country since the Lord of the Rings films.

They are simply one of the finest reggae and dub outfits on the planet and this, their second CD, cements their reputation even further. Despite the blessed and chilled-out vibe, this is musically more focussed than their first CD ‘Based On A True Story’, which at times was a bit too relaxed for its own good.

They might have saved lengthy dub jams for the live shows, but they still have plenty of good tunes.

Words by Jamie Hailstone

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