Eddie Argos sings...
Everybody Was In The French Resistance… Now! - Fixin’ The Charts, Volume One

The fact that Eddie Argos can’t sing is what makes Art Brut work so well. His shouted self-deprecating vocals cut perfectly through the band’s rough post-punk but this new side-project hints that maybe he always wanted to be a proper singer after all.

The witty words about awkward relationships come straight from Art Brut but ‘Fixin’ The Charts’ is also a response to classic American pop songs, with modern sequels to Motown, Dylan and, er, Kanye. The downside is that the songs are so melodic they make it sound like Argos is doing karaoke.

With a bevy of female backing singers pushing him even more out of place, there are just too many cringeworthy moments to forgive completely.


Words by Steve Harris


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