A potentially fulsome harvest...
E.M.M.A. - Blue Gardens

The lore of shearing the tips of your ears while your gut takes five knuckles runs wild over E.M.M.A.’s 8-bit coded patch, turning a tinny, potentially sardonic rattle into a thrilling disco of Spectrum battles filled with brick shithouse bass.

The maximalist prism taken for a grime-revved spin (‘Cherry Favour’), then weeps digital tears, vector waves sidling up to ‘Marina’ in a form of artificial 2-step intelligence.

Once sidewound through silent-scope post-dubstep however, the impact lulls rather, pushing itself into a dead-end of a Zelda maze (‘Green Light’), unresponsive controls quietening its opening bang down into a more passive stroke.

Still, it’s a potentially fulsome harvest E.M.M.A. has planted.


Words: Matt Oliver

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