Ellen Allien - Dust

Plenty of depth, adventurousness and personality
Ellen Allien - Dust
Berlin electronic figurehead Ellen Allien’s latest is a strong dance music album. It’s no 'Leftism', but there’s plenty of depth, adventurousness and personality to ensue it transcends the cobbled-together approach, that still to this day gets passed off by DJ/producers as an excuse for a longplayer.

'Dust' veers from the sparkling, melodic opener 'Ourutopie', to the flippant 'Flashy Flashy' with its Chloe-esque vocals, to the 90s-style abstract electronica of 'Should We Go Home' and 'Dream'. Allien also takes a leaf out of M83’s book, and braches out into dreamy shoegaze over several tracks, which work surprisingly well.


Words by Duncan Clark

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