Gritty but ultimately joyous album
Eels - Wonderful, Glorious

It’s a poor heart that never rejoices. So it’s with open arms that we greet ‘Wonderful, Glorious’, Mark Oliver Everett’s first release since wrapping up an ambitious album trilogy with 2010’s ‘Tomorrow Morning’. Recorded in Everett’s new studio space (nicknamed ‘The Compound’), it’s a gristly record of paid-and-fought-for happiness - the Virginia-born songwriter readdressing a life that stopped making sense with the dirty blues of ‘New Alphabet’, or offering a straightforward show of appreciation to a loyal acquaintance with the spindly lo-fi of ‘You’re My Friend’. Everett has fought his well-documented trails and tribulations tooth and nail, and this gritty but ultimately joyous album stands as testament to that.




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