You’ll want to hear if from start to finish

Debut album ‘These Were The Earlies’, released in July 2004, didn’t make huge waves, but did garner positive reviews and a small army of loyal fans.

Building on that solid base should be no problem then – ‘The Enemy Chorus’ is a record filled with experiment, charm and wonder. Recorded by two members of the Anglo-American quartet in Texas and by the other pair in Manchester and Burnley, along with their assorted session musician friends, the album has a more prog rock feel than its country-tinged predecessor. ‘Foundation And Earth’, with catchy brass riff and array of electric piano is the best example of this, while the lush orchestration of ‘When The Wind Blows’ and ‘Gone For The Most Part’ conjures up pastoral landscapes in days of yore. It’s not an album for dipping in and out of, such is ‘The Enemy Chorus’’s cohesion, but that’s maybe an irrelevant point – you’ll want to hear if from start to finish anyway.

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