...a band fulfilling their potential

Seldom does an album unite the Clash office.

Still recovering from the great Band Of Horses inspired mutiny (it's good but not all day every day!) the rift among us was healed by this little beauty. The Dreadful Yawns are from Cleveland, Ohio and make pop music – as in classic Byrds, Big Star, harmony soaked, American pop music. Former Bomp! alumni, this band have bubbled under for too long it seems, and “Rest” erupts with the sound of a band fulfilling their potential. Opener “You've Been Recorded” sets the bar firmly in the stratosphere: aching harmonies, heart-on-sleeve lyrics and instrumentation that verges on the Country and Western. You can put those stetsons away, though, since this album is far from standard fare: the album moves from folk to indie influences, always eclectic yet all the while retaining a rare unity. Closer “End of Summer” epitomises the album's restful, August night in Tennessee atmosphere, for example, before unexpectedly adding a theremin. Based around songwriter Ben Gmetro, the band have endured a torrid time these past few years, with multiple walkouts from previous musicians. Surely its time we all tried to join The Dreadful Yawns.

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