More swing than a Louisiana front porch

Johnny Mercer is the latest musician to be paid tribute by Dr John, following his N’Awlins workout of Duke Ellington tunes on ‘Duke Elegant’.

Mercer was an enormously talented songwriter, penning over 1500 songs in his career. Identifying with his fellow Southerner, Dr John has taken the opportunity to update and translate a handful of his songs via the bluesy funk – or ‘fonk’, as he calls it – that he’s renowned for. The tight rhythms and chops of his band the Lower 911 back him adeptly through 13 tracks with more swing than a Louisiana front porch, while his effortlessly cool drawl sprinkles a little black magic over every charming interpretation. ‘Blues In The Night’ is a rollicking and lively blues opener, ‘I’m An Old Cow Hand’ is a sexy, late night samba groove, while Mercer’s most famous hit, ‘Moon River’ becomes a pretty Hammond-driven romp. If you like it swampy, you’ll love this.

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