Garage rhythms and whispers of jungle meet organs from imagined cathedrals…
Downliners Sekt - Silent Ascent

Will Bevan potentially bashed his head on something hard over Christmas, releasing tracks more like carols than his usual fare. So here to fill that Burial-shaped hole is album number three from Barcelona’s Downliners Sekt.

Meticulous programming means that this is an LP to be savoured, with no click, shuffle or groan escaping notice. Dark without being melancholic, the duo turns genre splicing into an art form, where garage rhythms and whispers of jungle meet rising choruses and organs from imagined cathedrals.

It’s a sculptor scraping and chiselling away at something where, almost like an MC Escher drawing, the act of creation becomes the work of art itself.  


Words: Felicity Martin

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