A thirty-two track, two-fingered salute

You may remember the man behind ‘Death Of The Neighbourhood’ as fronting ’90s indie act Babybird, but this is as far removed from ‘You’re Gorgeous’ as you can imagine.

A thirty-two track, two-fingered salute to a Heat Magazine gorging society; ‘DOTN’ is a provocative, fierce and disorienting record. Mechanical, trance-like noise loops make way for twisted psychedelic space ballads (the aptly titled ‘Bruised Brain’),and funk-laced hip-hop outings (‘Cokeholes’) as straight-up anti-everything attitudes seep from every musical orifice and muttered word. At times awash with cinematic beauty, at turns a heightened blitz of face-rupturing noise. Just like John Peel would have wanted it.

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