"Effortlessly magnificent."

It was going to be a struggle to top last year’s stellar ‘Fireproof’ album – but Dawn Landes has done it. ‘Sweet Heart Rodeo’ is pure quality; there is a sureness and maturity in the songwriting, and a lightness and poise in the delivery, that is utterly beguiling. ‘Wandering Eyes’ is a classic country pop song, while ‘Dance Area’ and ‘Clown’ are little campfire rhymes intent on piercing your heart. Landes even makes ‘Brighton’ sound mysterious in a swirl of Appalachian folk. Clocking in at less than 33 minutes to ensure your left gagging for more, ‘Sweet Heart Rodeo’ is a near faultless blend of Landes’ country roots and the urban savvy of her Brooklyn base. Effortlessly magnificent.


Words by John Freeman

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