A brave dance debut with some outstanding tracks...
Daniel Avery - Drone Logic

One of the UK’s brightest lights in club culture faces the dizzying edifice that unhinges most talents of mortal men: forging a coherent dance album.

Daniel Avery’s ‘Drone Logic’ gets a solid launch with ‘Free Floating’ and the excellent ‘These Nights Never End’ arriving early on. Both are livid with oscillating tones and fresh, exploratory basslines.

But come the 12th and final track’s conclusion, we’ve been possessed by too much repetitive yang and not quite enough subtle yin. This album is half comprised of sumptuous, scintillating dancefloor bangers, but its other half is full of generic club tracks that bore with little bite.

‘Drone Logic’ has peaks that dwarf its troughs, though, making Avery’s brave debut worth buying for its four best tracks alone.


Words: Matthew Bennett

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