A set of refreshing substance...
Cymbals - The Age Of Fracture

Named after a book by Princeton academic Daniel T. Rodgers, this conceptual album from London foursome CYMBALS, with accompanying short story and poem, has refreshing substance in our digital world.

Starting with a ruminating, bleak synth lead number ‘Winter ‘98’, which features lead singer Jack Cleverly delivering his vocals in French, it then works its way into disco-infused house with the likes of ‘The Natural World’, which, although succinctly follows the pre-tested electronic pop hit format, slays with its pathos-filled euphoria.

Wallowing, dreary vocals are effectively juxtaposed with electronic twinkles on the likes of ‘You Are’. But other tracks, like ‘The 5%’, seem too chaotic and narrowly miss their targets, resulting in an album just falling short of top marks.


Words: Lizzie Goodman

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