A journey of atmospheric after-hours scores
Crosson And Merveille - DRM Part 1 And 2

A trio of new tracks complete the ‘DRM Pt.1’ and ‘Pt.2’ EPs; to date a six-track journey of atmospheric after-hours scores. The bird-like synth twitters of new track ‘Nymphean’ awaken the collection; flashes of debayashi kabuki burst from ‘No Hassle’; and ‘Escale’ demonstrates the production values as well as ‘DRM’s’ heart of the work - composition and syncopation in motion. Freeform jazz and the ability to transcend 6am back to peak dancefloor with spirited afro-latin rhythmic house and tech fusions marks this as a groove of a different colour. ‘DRM’ could find love with pop fans exploring experimental fringes, and the mixed tastes of leftfield dance lovers.




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