A wonderfully understated mood piece.

Nuri Bilge Ceylan is an individualistic director who often casts friends and family in his films.

It’s a personal approach that certainly adds intimacy to Climates, a quietly beguiling examination of the collapse of the marriage between Isa (played by Ceylan) and his wife Bahar (performed with finesse by Ceylan’s wife Ebru).

We catch the relationship in summer. Isa and Bahar are on a holiday that’s stretching their fractured union to breaking point and soon enough Bahar is heading home to Istanbul alone. The fallout from the separation follows the estranged duo through autumn and winter.

There’s a mystique at work here that serves the rather minimalist tale well as the reasons behind their mutual problems are hinted at rather than explicitly detailed. The photography proves to be a poetic backdrop to this sombre story with the beauty of the extremities of Turkey’s seasons really underpinning the film’s emotional upheaval. Climates is a wonderfully understated mood piece.

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