Squeezing out every last drop of creative energy
Clark - Iradelphic

A quick read through the bio provided for Clark’s new album ‘Iradelphic’ shows us that it really is a miracle that this album managed to come together into some tangible form of music with a melody. Recorded as far away as Australia and as local as London and Wales, ‘Iradelphic’ has come to form in rather disjointed circumstances. A month or so here, a month or so there, each studio with a different set up and varying amounts of equipment; this album must have been an absolute headache to be involved with.

It is with these headache-inducing artists that Warp work best, squeezing out every last drop of creative energy. Chris Clark has evolved since we last met. Joining the live-drums always present in his recordings is acoustic guitar, learnt and played by Clark for this album alone. It is on songs like the magnificent ‘Secret’ where the guitar is put to best use, echoing the electronic/live paradox of artists like Bonobo and Bibio, to hypnotic effect.

Many may expect Clark to be taking a step in the same direction as fellow Warp-signee Bibio, who helped out with some of the tracks on the album. Bibio’s most recent offering was not a typically Warp affair, far more soft and easily adapted to, was his latest LP. However, while you might have expected this to rub off on Clark, no, this is an album self-assured in its odd-ball-ness, yet confident enough to step out into territories typically less habitual to it’s maker.




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