An adaptation of Luke Davies’ novel

An adaptation of Luke Davies’ semi-autobiographical novel, Candy charts the heroin-dictated relationship between artist Candy (Abbie Cornish) and aspiring poet Dan (Heath Ledger).

Whilst their affair is suitably love-laden and passionate, their addiction is ultimately a more powerful force.

Understandably, their decline follows the same traits (everything from falling behind with the bills to prostitution) as the majority of other similarly-themed films. But, to Armfield’s credit, there’s a lot to recommend Candy above similar works. For starters, Cornish and Ledger have a real bond that accentuates their realism as a couple; it’s a trait that draws sympathy to their situation. More importantly, for such a hellish scenario, Candy is surprisingly accessible – fluidly-paced, beautifully shot and, in the shape of Geoffrey Rush, a particularly strong support to the two leads.

The lavish presentation that Armfield has opted for doesn’t always match the film’s inevitable tone, but that’s a minor quibble for an often harrowing work.

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