A tidy, if not definitive, showcase
Boys Noize - The Remixes 2004-2011

A familiar, seminal presence in electro over the last decade, Alex Ridha has been a one man soundtrack of cone-punching, floor-smashing sonic destruction. Always progressive, disruptive and, often, downright damaging, ‘The Remixes…’ is a tidy, if not definitive, showcase of Boys Noize’s riotous influence. In a digital age of rampant P2P downloads, it’s stubborn to release a collection of tracks that have been circulating the blogosphere for the duration. But even that doesn’t diminish the classic quality of the ‘My Moon, My Man’ mix; the bouncing, wonky rework of a NERD’s ‘Hot-N-Fun’ or the brutal Boys Noize trademark stamped all over Para One’s ‘Dudun-Dun’. Timeless.



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