Wrapped in shady seduction
Bomb The Bass - Back To Light

With Tim Simenon’s (aka Bomb The Bass) previous release in 2008, his first for close to a decade, ‘Back To Light’ caught us on the hop somewhat. Happier in the shadows, despite its bright title, giant waves of synth and swathes of moody 80s atmospherics give the album an undeniably rich quality.

Guided by the collaboration of Gui Boratto, whose deep, melodic hallmark is omnipresent, groundswells of lingering, sensual techno and a multitude of sultry guest vocals wraps the album in shady seduction. From the monasteric vocal and Union of Knives-esque menace of ‘The Infinites’ to the shades of Hot Chip (‘Price On Your Head’) and Ladytron (‘Boy Girl’), ‘Back To Light’ is another early marker in what’s shaping up to be a stellar year for dance music.


Words by Reef Younis


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