Bombastic botany
Blue Daisy - The Sunday Gift

Bombastic botany from London’s Kewsi Darko, planting a pretty-sounding blossom that’s cut with petals of trip-hop jeopardy. It’s stiflingly atmospheric, yet viably the sound of a car commercial. The snaking ‘Firewall’ is the first warning shot as to where Blue Daisy’s key assets lie. Uncoiling venom and finding beauty in chaos, lovelorn strings and wailing deities see teardrops exploded by clumping, bass-sodden beats between the gutter and the stars, like Deltron 3030 watching a beamback of the unfolding city riots. Final curtain ‘Spinning Channels’ pins its hopes on house in a break-out that threatens to ruin an anarchic solitude, as much electric chair as it is rocking chair.



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