A masterclass in stripped back groove

Stomping soulful strut with not one ounce of retro kitsch.

Belleruche claim to be part of the turntable soul movement, a Tru Thoughts group who combine the gritty soulful feel of a Muscle Shoals production with a strictly modern aesthetic. New single "Anything You Want (Not That)" begins with a gently plucked bassline before snapping into a smooth r'n'b beat.

Using the talents of just three people this release is a masterclass in stripped back groove. The vocals subtly recall Nina Simone in their understated appeal for love, a call for tenderness that is as emphatic as it is classy. The instrumental work sits well alongside Tru Thoughts alumni such as Australian legends The Bamboos, a tight groove that never lets up in its ferociously funky marching pace.

Then just as suddenly as it began the needle spins out and you are left grasping to play it again, and again. Another stunning release on the Tru Thoughts Sevens imprint, "Anything You Want" is exactly that.

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