A wholly immersive experience...
Baths - Obsidian

Will Wiesenfeld, AKA LA-based artist Baths, lives in a sullen world of electronic clicks, ticks and maudlin synths.

Wiesenfeld’s second album, 2011’s ‘Pop Music/False B-Sides’, felt like he was treading water somewhat. It lacked the appeal of his 2010 debut, ‘Cerulean’.

But third set ‘Obsidian’ aims for the stars, taking listeners all the way to Baths’ dusty space-age landscapes.

The album contains some serious muscle – both in terms of subject matter and Baths’ beats.

Through unobtrusive radiance and retro rumination, the sparkling ‘Worsening’, rippling falsetto-tinged ‘Ossuary’ and frosty ‘No Eyes’ heralds Baths’ best work to date.

Despite the density of the music, ‘Obsidian’ is a wholly immersive experience, setting Baths back on course.


Words: Matthew French

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