The most eclectic band out there?

Coming into your fourth album off the back of a double platinum selling singles compilation must give you a real boost of confidence.

Not that the music of Basement Jaxx needs a confidence boost, it’s the kind of entity that would be found dancing on tables and stealing the limelight wherever the party was. So how have the boys progressed on this album, after all where could they go? They may already be the most open minded and eclectic band out there. Well they’ve only gone and found more elements and sounds to incorporate from across the globe. From an operatic opener we quickly move through the ‘banjo house’ of ‘Take Me Back To Your House’, the unlikely mix of Swedish pop sensation Robyn with Balkan folk on ‘Hey U’ as well as welcome swathes of the patented technicolour Basement Jaxx hyper pop music. What can I say? To quote a wise lady, the only way is up!

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