A technologically savvy Phoenix
Anoraak - Try Me

Frederic Riviere is a name due on everybody’s lips over the forthcoming months. After slugging away in dead end rock bands for several years he decided to go it alone in the form of the sublime ‘Nightride with you’ EP in 2008. He has taken his time since and we are now treated with the results, they’re more than worth the wait.

There have been some amazing acts from France over the past couple of years, Justice and Daft Punk aside, they have excelled in electro with the Kitsune and Ed Banger labels and in the form of M83, Yeti Lane, John & Jehn and Team Ghost; they also have indie more than adequately covered too. Despite Anoraak being a totally different proposition, he fits in perfectly with all of those acts with a sound which incorporates electronica, chilled techno, new wave and 80’s infused pop music.

‘Try Me’ is the first track from his debut album ‘When The Sun Sets’ (released digitally on 20th September, physical release follows on 25th October). While Hurts inexplicably receive endless plaudits for their impersonation of Hue & Cry, ‘Try Me’ shows them how they can make discerning pop music from 1985 without looking and sounding like twats.

The EP comes crammed with remixes which improve on the original, label mates We Have Band supply a surprisingly convincing take on early 80’s Italo disco while Michael Cassette transforms the track into a euphoric progressive house pounder while RAC twee it up but in a good way.

Think Neon Indian although his previous incarnations as Vega and Ghosthustler are nearer, think Caribou, think a technologically savvy Phoenix and you’re getting pretty near, think an essential electronic act for the future then you’re spot on.

Words by Chris Todd

Anoraak launch their ‘Wherever The Sun Sets’ album at 'FRENCH REVOLUTION XXIII:' on 30th September with Jupiter, Wagner, Jolie Cherie, Splash Wave, The Footloose and La Mache at Corsica Studios, 4/5 Elephant Road, London. It's free entry all night for NUS holders and free entry before 9pm / £5 after for everyone else.

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