Controversial album launch...
A$AP Rocky

When an artist turns up on stage over two hours late, and bizarrely the promoters have charged fans an extra £10 on the door on top of the tickets that they have already purchased, the pressure to deliver an outstanding performance is high. Whilst his effortless style is usually A$AP Rocky's strength, at his 'Surprise Show' in Camden's Proud last Friday to promote the release of 'Long Live A$AP,' it tipped over the line from laid-back to lazy.

After all of the waiting around excitement levels were high, and when A$AP took to the stage with his verse from Club Paradise posse cut 'Fuckin' Problem' the crowd went suitably wild. This was followed by the controversial Skrillex assisted new single 'Wild For The Night' which, whilst still hindered by its jarring mid-range bassline, proved a lot more effective in a live setting than stuck in the middle of the Harlem rapper's debut album; providing an energy that wasn't previously in Rocky's arsenal. It was after this that things became confusing, Rocky asking the crowd who wanted to hear more and (despite a roaring applause) claiming "I don't think anyone wants to hear anymore." A statement that was received as the usual ploy to incentivise the crowd to raise energy levels. However, perhaps it should've been taken more seriously as part-way into album cut, 'Angels,' Rocky decided he was done and left the stage.

It's a shame that a record like Rocky's 'Long Live A$AP' had to be launched in such a way, with dismal organisation and demonstrating sheer disrespect to the fans.

Words by Grant Brydon


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