Like Bloc Party on PCP

This is mightily confusing: track one is ‘Thirteen’, track two is ‘Twelve’, track three is ‘Fifteen Part 1’.

Never mind the bafflingly odd track listing though, because they all hurtle through your nervous system with an immensely gratifying punch. ¡Forward, Russia! specialise in thunderous rants of reckless abandon, like Bloc Party on PCP, only with less restraint. Pounding drums kick through sharp and unnerving guitars with barely a moment to relax in the whole 50 minutes. Their Top 40 debut, ‘Twelve’ is as frantic as it is melodic and, much like the rest of the fantastic material here, is the perfect fodder for some serious twitchy robot dancing on the dancefloor. Proving that it really is better to do it yourself (this is released on the band’s own label), this band are a true delight and their debut is a deeply exciting and sophisticated affair.

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